Project Management

Projects can often quickly evolve from their initial concept, which is why it is essential that project managers have the relevant experience to effectively evaluate, manage and adapt to any challenges that may be encountered throughout the entire project lifecycle. Effective project management is a highly specialised area of expertise that requires significant attention to detail alongside the ability to ensure strategic business alignment.

By working in direct partnership with our clients, we are able to provide the technical capabilities and experience to manage project delivery, programmes and vendors on a global scale to ensure they are delivered within scope, on time and within budget. Our project management services will always be tailored to a client’s specific needs, albeit that we are able to bring experience, proprietary tools ad a refined methodology to support our client’s requirements.

We can fulfil the role of a general contractor, which will provide clients with a single point of contact, and deliver projects from design through to commissioning via our extensive network of global vendors and experienced in-house technical staff. We are also able to manage existing portfolios of vendors on behalf of our clients. 

Our tailored project management tools and services have been developed specifically to support large security system projects. As such, all aspects of a project are controlled through each key phase and are supported by comprehensive reporting tools. Comprehensive management information is routinely issued to clients through our reporting systems to providing transparency and forewarning to key project decision makers.

Our project management services predominantly support:

  • Systems design and installation.
  • Systems upgrades.
  • Systems migrations.
  • Systems standardisation.