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C•CURE 800– 9000 Conversion

The C•CURE 800 system is due to reach “End of Life” on 31 December 2019. Currently the C•CURE 800 system is in “maintenance mode”, there will be no further software enhancements and technical support will end on 31 December 2019. Security systems will be required to upgrade to the current supported platform, C•CURE 9000.

Convert, Don’t Migrate

The traditional approach during such upgrades is to migrate current data, this has the disadvantage of the new system inheriting legacy and possibly inconsistent data.
QCIC’s approach is different in that we see this system change as an opportunity to cleanse and convert your data instead of migrating it.

Our approach has the following benefits:

  • Avoids transfer of legacy/inconsistent data.
  • Enables us to cleanse and convert your data into a standardised format, providing a consistent look and feel to your system.
  • The conversion process has a similar timeframe and cost to a standard migration, but the result is a superior, streamlined system.

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