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Systems Management & Support

We have responded to the growing demand from the end-user market to procure a single, end-to-end service for the management of the whole lifespan of their security systems. We provide clients with a tiered level of services.

Our services are underpinned by our range of unique pioneering software tools which streamline traditional system management processes. These tools provide greater levels of control for security managers and substantially improve quality levels through design, programming, installation, commissioning and routine operations. By automating traditional processes, many of the risks traditionally associated with them are reduced, allowing us to deliver clients a fully standardised, consistently programmed system supported by comprehensive, accurate and standardised documentation.  Our automated services substantially reduce the amount of time it takes to programme systems and produce documentation, thereby reducing schedule pressure and presenting the opportunity to reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs.

We are committed to a comprehensive research and development programme to produce automated and smart tools specifically designed to support security system management.  This substantial investment places us at the forefront of innovation within the security industry. Our software is unparalleled and provides clients with unique opportunities to deploy and manage security systems more efficiently than ever before.