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Technical Systems Advisory Services

We are able to help our clients assess the suitability of their existing systems and define future functional and technical requirements. Assessments are supported by the analysis of current and emerging market offerings and the subsequent development of roadmaps for the implementation of appropriate solutions. 

This service includes:

  • Product selection and procurement.
    We combine our in-depth understanding of market offerings with the ability to meet corporate procurement and compliance requirements. Our process ensures clients invest in systems that meet their requirements, with full appreciation of total project and operational costs. 
  • Assessment of investment options related to system migration, unification, integration and upgrades.
    We ensure our clients understand the financial and operational implications related to large upgrades of existing systems or the requirement to migrate between different products. Our consultants help map out options, mitigate risk, define budgets and develop workable delivery roadmaps. 
  • Physical access control and video management system: set up, programming and integration planning using our best practice methodologies and processes.
    We help clients define operating requirements and convert these into bespoke rules within their security systems that are consistent, standardised and end-user friendly.
  • Data management solutions (back up/redundancy, disaster recovery, storage, analysis and administration).
  • Design of global and corporate security system network architectures.