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Physical, Technical & Operational Security Reviews

Our independent physical, technical and operational security reviews are for a wide range of sectors, either to satisfy audit and regulatory requirements or to respond to changes in the threat or business environment. Our reviews provide clients with a detailed assessment of their existing security provisions compared to their stated security requirements and imposed compliance standards or mandated regulations, and are accompanied by recommendations where necessary.

Whilst our reviews are technical or systems focused, we also provide advisory services to help our clients generate optimal operational value from their existing systems. We identify where systems are potentially over-engineered and operationally inefficient, or where they are not generating maximum functional value. Our industry-leading experience in a wide range of systems and products means we are well placed to offer recommendations to ensure clients are getting a return on their investment as well as a smooth-running and efficient operation.  

Our expertise covers a wide range of technical systems, including:

  • Access control and CCTV.
  • Credentials (access cards, tokens, biometrics, and encryption).
  • Intruder detection systems.
  • Biometric devices, hard tokens, ID badges.
  • Security lighting.
  • Full control room architecture.