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Professional Services

Our professional services are designed for corporate security departments, facilities managers and other security end-users. 

We provide a wide range of independent technical and physical security consultancies, project management and systems administration services to ensure that security systems support business needs and provide optimal returns on investment. This enables our clients to assess, manage and change their existing security infrastructure to optimise their current systems, plan for the future and understand what the market has to offer.

The application of our unique software tools to a wide range of our services differentiates us from others. We are committed to a comprehensive research and development programme to produce automated and smart tools specifically designed to support security system management.  This substantial investment places us at the forefront of innovation within the security industry. Our software is unparalleled and provides clients with unique opportunities to deploy and manage security systems more efficiently than ever before.

We work in partnership with our clients. We are free from market bias, allowing us to act as a trusted outsourced partner to corporate security teams to enhance in-house resources with our specialist skills and additional capacity.

Our team is drawn from the best talent in the industry, people who are able to meet the growing technical demands placed on corporate security departments and are dedicated to helping clients meet their current and future security needs. We have developed tools and processes to do things in smarter and more efficient ways than our peers. This value is passed on to our clients, driving efficiency, control and resilience into their operations.