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Security Refuge (Panic or Safe Room) Design

In designing a security refuge, panic or safe room we consider a number of factors including but not limited to the concern of intruders in the building, safety requirement against extreme weather or natural catastrophes or terrorist attack. Other considerations include the length of time until help can arrive and number of people required to be secured.

Our consultant have experience in design from personal safe rooms built into private houses for protection against burglars and intruders to high security chambers for multiple VVIP’s where threats included terrorist, Chemical and Biological attacks. We have also designed the location for standalone panic rooms on sites within hostile environments where personnel can be secured against catastrophic or hostile attacks until help arrives.

The design of rooms can be as simple as the retro fitting of a sandwich of multiple wall components such as plywood and expanded metal, thus requiring 2 forms of breaching tools, to complex designs providing blast, bullet-proofing, faraday cage and safe environment measures. All measures are designed for continuity and commensurate measures are provided to doors, windows and where necessary utility access.