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Searching & Screening System Design

Security search and screening areas are becoming increasingly necessary to ensure dangerous items are not brought into a site or building and to ensure that unauthorised items are not removed. The design considerations for such areas are affected by the level of security screening required, the type of throughput (people, vehicles, bags, parcels etc) and the necessary flow rate. The size and complexity of screening technology will also need to be considered as will the response to a positive event. 

Our consultants have designed many such systems from airports and ports to banks and commercial offices. Each application of these designs has been unique so as to make effective use of space and technology. The management response was also be considered in the design so as to ensure that operations could continue at an appropriate level in the event of a positive response. This would include situations such as rejection lanes and verification stages to ensure that screening time is dedicated to authorised people, vehicles or items. In some circumstances screening lanes should be two directional to allow for more lanes open to ingress or egress at peak times. 

We keep up to date with the latest in screening technology and international standards to ensure that all our recommendations are both proportionate and appropriate for the site or building requirement. In consultation with our client’s security management teams we will assist with the development of a security screening management plan and if requested we can develop the safe working and incident management procedures.