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Perimeter Security Design

It is often said that first impressions count, this is true of facility, building and perimeter site security. Outdoor perimeter security is an often-overlooked area of physical security design that can dramatically improve the actual and perceived level of security provision. In the first instance a well-designed perimeter security will deter the opportunist allowing the facility, building or site security systems to concentrate on actual attack attempts. 

Small investments in outdoor perimeters can provide significant protection to the building assets well before the other, more costly, measures are encountered. These outdoor perimeters can serve as a valuable line of defense for a physical security plan because they add distance and reaction time to the physical security system that cannot be achieved within the building itself.  If designed correctly, outdoor preventative measures can reduce the cost of other security elements by use of the secure by design principles. 

When designing perimeter security we follow the key principles of security (Demark, Deter, Detect, Deny and Delay) that can be realised at the perimeter of the facility, building or site. Even the simple act of demarking the area with a low shrubbery or signs will ensure that inadvertent penetration onto the property is reduced. For a more secure environment the integrated use of a security fence, CCTV coverage, perimeter detection and a stand-off distance can be deployed minimising and identifying any attempted breach of the perimeter.