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Perimeter Access Point Design

Perimeter Access Point Design is critical in maintaining the security of an area where regular vehicle access is required. We are experienced in designing both electronic and physical security measures at site perimeters and creating vehicle access points for these secure areas which restrict access to authorised personnel and vehicles only.

At vehicle entrance points there are a number of systems integrated with each other to provide a complete operational solution to restrict and control access. Depending on the threat to the site, for example a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosion Device (VBIED), the measures may be in use at all times or only deployed when the risk to the site increases.

One of the main systems deployed at vehicle entrances are Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) automatic barriers which prevent vehicles from gaining access. We carry out a vehicle dynamic assessment for every site entrance to work out the speed at which a vehicle could penetrate each access point. This speed is then used to identify which HVM products we will include in our system specification. These systems are operated by the access control and video communication systems. We specify the level of integration between the systems, including all the logic, such as how the barriers will operate upon presentation of an access card to a card reader.

At each access point a card reader and video intercom connects back to the main security system monitored by both the security management team and local security position at the access point. The local security position is used to manage all the entrance systems, controlling and restricting access to the site.

We are able to design and co-ordinate multiple CCTV cameras located in and around each access point, which will also be monitored by both the security management team and the local position. These cameras will be designed to provide full coverage using both fixed and fully functional PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) cameras so that all vehicles and personnel can be covered with identification sized images. In addition, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras can be used to record all vehicle number plates as they enter and exit the site.