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Emergency Communication Design

Despite being a critical aspect of emergency preparedness, contingency planning for emergency communications is often overlooked. 

During an emergency, the use of integrated communication systems to provide effective and reliable incident command and control. Emergency communication systems now include a wide range of distinct audio and visual devices ranging from ‘active’ components such as two-way radios, public address and voice communication technologies, to ‘passive’ components such as audible horns, sirens and flashing strobes. 

To determine the most effective distribution model, we liaise with the client and key stakeholders to establish clearly defined objectives of the system. We additionally assess planning criteria by evaluating threats and scenarios in regards to emergency preparedness, which can include evaluating the proximity of the site in relation to neighbouring institutions and the assessment of whether bi-lingual notification capability should be included within the system design. 

We ensure that all components, regardless of whether they are physical devices or management driven components, are aligned with the operational requirement. We ensure that each system is integrated with critical security functions to provide a balanced emergency communication strategy that not only supports communications during both evacuation and invacuation scenarios, but also facilitates everyday non-emergency communications.