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Technical Design

Our technical design services cover both new buildings from Stage 0 to 7 RIBA up to and including post occupancy refurbishments and whole system swap outs. We believe the quality of our technical design team, a mix of Security System Engineers, Installers and Integrators, provides our clients with proportionate and appropriate solutions to their technical security needs.

Without a complete design service, security projects are likely to require significant changes during the instillation phase as the design intent are not usually presented to the installer. Our approach provides complete design and instillation direction through detailed drawings and system architecture schematics. Use of our Automator software ensures that the systems are finally programmed with the design intent and any changes during the instillation phase can be identified.

We provide full technical design services for all technical security measures, many of which can be found within our web site. All designs fully meet the design standards of the local national country and where standards are not in place we use British or other approved Standards.