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Security Needs Assessments/SABRE Assessments

Security Needs Assessments and SABRE Assessments are both key focus areas at QCIC.

As a result, we have dedicated, Suitably Qualified Security Specialists (SQSS) and SABRE Assessors (licence ref. SLC-016) working to ensure that we continuously deliver the information and recommendations our clients need to create the most sustainable and secure building possible.

QCIC can assist our clients with obtaining HEA06 BREEAM credit(s) through either of the approved, recognised assessment routes:

Security Assurance by BRE (SABRE) – BREEAM New Construction 2018 Developed by BRE Global, Security Assurance by BRE (SABRE) is an independent assessment and certification scheme for new and existing buildings, infrastructure assets and managed space.

The scheme provides clients with a framework that can be used during the design, construction and subsequent operation of assets to achieve better security outcomes and return on investment.

QCIC’s SABRE assessment’s broadly include:

  • Outlining anticipated security requirements and identified security risks for the proposed development
  • Development of a strategy security plan
  • Review of any proposed security systems
  • Manage Implementation of the agreed security strategy and manage change

There are currently up to two BREEAM New Construction 2018 credit(s) available through this independent assessment scheme:

  • Exemplary Criteria (1 Credit) – Independent, full assessment of the security performance of the building against clearly definable standards as noted within the SABRE framework.
  • Innovation (1 Credit) - An additional ‘Innovation’ Credit may be awarded by BRE SABRE based upon their own independent assessment of merits of the design. It should be noted that QCIC cannot guarantee the outcome of this independent assessment by BRE and as such whether the additional ‘innovation’ credit will be awarded.

Security Needs Assessment (SNA) – BREEAM New Construction 2014/2018

Security Needs Assessments (SNA) are conducted by QCIC’s in-house Suitably Qualified Security Specialist (SQSS).

The assessment will consist of producing an evidence-based assessment of the proposed site and neighbouring surroundings, and the development of a set of holistic security controls and recommendations for incorporation into the scheme, based upon any threats and risks identified.

QCIC’s SNA’s broadly include:

  • A visual audit of the site and surroundings, identifying environmental cues and features pertinent to the security of the proposed development
  • Formal consultation with relevant stakeholders, including the local Designing Out Crime Officer (DOCO), Architectural Liaison Officer (ALO), Crime Prevention Design Advisor (CPDA), and Counter Terrorism Security Advisor (CTSA) (as applicable), in order to obtain a summary of crime and disorder issues within the immediate vicinity of the proposed development
  • Identification of risks specific to the proposed, likely or potential use of the buildings or development
  • Identification of risks specific to the proposed, likely or potential user groups of the building(s)
  • Identification of any detrimental effects the development may have on the existing community

A BREEAM credit (either New Construction 2014/2018) is awarded if evidence can be supplied to suggest that recommendations or solutions proposed by QCIC’s SQSS have been incorporated into the scheme.