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Security Needs Assessments and BREEAM

BREEAM and Security Needs Assessments

Security Needs Assessment by Suitably Qualified Security Specialists

Security Needs Assessment

At QCIC our team has unrivalled experience in delivering security needs assessments for a range of diverse clients.  All our security needs assessments are delivered by suitably qualified security consultants who are experts in this area.  Each security needs assessement must address the specific circumstances of the building or space.  Our extensive understanding of the requirements is based on years of working for a wide range of organisations across different types of buildings. These include: Kings Cross, New Zealand House, 21 Moorfields and the RIBA Sterling Award Winner, Bloomberg https://www.breeam.com/case-studies/offices/bloomberg-london/

Security Needs Assessment and BREEAM

BREEAM is the world’s longest established method of assessing, rating, and certifying the sustainability of buildings. Through its application and use BREEAM helps clients measure and reduce the environmental impacts of their buildings and in doing so create higher value, lower risk assets.  A BREEAM HEA06 Security Needs Assessment provides a rapid visual screening of the site, identifies the risks and highlights an effective security solution. BREEAM grants a credit towards a development's rating if a security needs assessment is completed and the recommendations implemented.  For more information on BREEAM HEA06:  https://www.breeam.com/BREEAM2011SchemeDocument/Content/05_health/hea06.htm


Security Needs Assessments are at the heart of what we do and unlike other providers they are a key part of the services we offer.  As a result, we have dedicated significant time and resource to ensuring that our security needs assessments always deliver the information and recommendations the client needs to create the most sustanailbe and secure building possible.

To talk to us about your security needs assessment, please contact Paul Drawbridge: Paul.Drawbridge@qcic-group.com