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Design Consultancy

Our consultancy and assurance services cover all aspects of security design and management. Our methodology is risk based analysis, leading to proportionate and appropriate solutions, providing innovative designs. We strive to immediately recognise the design intent for each project wither it be aesthetic, high security or low crime. Secure by design is a fundamental principle of our solutions, recognising the need for the feeling of security in addition to actual security. 

Our consultants have worked on iconic and exciting projects throughout the globe. We have exceptional experience within London where we have designed the security for the majority of buildings in Canary Wharf and many buildings in the central city. Other projects have ranged from international sporting venues, airports, ports, government buildings and military establishments. This provides a wealth of experience which, due to our defined methodology of delivery including peer review, ensures our projects are developed using the most appropriate risk based approach whilst being considerate of commercial requirements. 

QCIC consultants are currently based in London, New York, Boston and Singapore. This allows us to be truly global in response and ensures that we can fully support our projects with different time zones. We have invested significantly with our support infrastructure to ensure that we are able to respond to all our client needs at the level required.