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Bomb Shelter Areas (BSA)

A Bomb Shelter Area (BSA) provides an enhanced space within a building where occupants can be invacuated in the event of a bomb threat. Falling debris, which can cause severe injuries, is likely to occur at significant distances from the centre of a large explosion. It is therefore not always the best course of action to evacuate building occupants onto the street as they may be at a greater risk of harm than if they were to remain in the building. 

We are able to develop bomb sheltering strategies for both new and existing buildings. This involves an assessment of the building’s design and identifying locations that could be used to shelter building occupants. A BSA assessment considers the building’s structural and façade vulnerability to ensure that the safest place within a building is identified. We will assess the building against a range of potential explosive device sizes and provide guidance on when evacuation or invacuation would be appropriate to building managers.