Kings Cross R3

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Kings Cross R3

London, UK

King’s Cross development: Luxury apartment fit out

The King’s Cross R3 building is a 61-apartment scheme and part of the King’s Cross transformation project. The complex was designed by Squire & Partners to be in keeping with its location’s history as a major railway terminus. 

We worked in collaboration with the architects and interior designers to reduce the need for overt security measures. We provided designs for Automated Access Control Systems (AACS), CCTV and voice communication (VCOM) that were in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the project, and also created a residential video intercom system that was deployed throughout the development.

Our approach to the project was one of simple integration, such as with the linking of CCTV camera systems to the graphical user interface of the access control software. This approach allows daily operations to be managed without having to switch between separate software systems.