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Edinburgh, UK


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LocationEdinburgh, UK
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Security review for potential new building lease in Edinburgh

We were appointed to conduct an independent security review for an international professional services firm who were considering a new building for lease in Edinburgh. They wanted its suitability to be assessed through an independent threat and risk assessment.

Our review and assessment considered both internal and external factors as well as suggesting mitigation measures that would reduce any risks without disrupting business activity.

Our approach to the assessment was strongly influenced by the demands of statutory regulations and corporate governance best practice, which required auditable controls to be implemented. Our focus was on threats that were atypical for the project’s environment in order to judge whether baseline designs required augmentation or bespoke solutions. 

Such an approach ensured that the level and reach of a threat and risk assessment remained proportionate, relevant and of value at all times, saving the client time and money by focusing on design decisions in areas of genuine need.