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European Medicines Agency

London, UK

The European Medicines Agency is located in London and is responsible for the evaluation of medicines developed by pharmaceutical companies for use in the European market.

We were appointed to provide the physical and technical security systems for the fit out stage. Working closely with the architects and professional team we provided a security design that integrated the latest available security technologies into the building. We paid close attention to the architect’s designs for a clean, modern and minimalist feel.

As well as designing the overall security system, we were also tasked with providing a method for integrating the client’s existing meeting, visitor management, room management and cashless vending systems into the security system. This would enable the staff not only to use their security pass to gain access to the building, but also to pay for canteen items, login to their computer and perform a host of other day-to day-applications. This involved close liaison with the client and their technical team to ensure that there would be a seamless transition between the old and new systems when they moved into the new building.

This part of the project was completed in 2014.

Since the completion and occupation of their new building, we have conducted a threat and risk assessment followed by a facility security review to satisfy internal audit requirements.