AACS Upgrade for Middle East Media Office

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Middle East Media Office

Doha, Qatar


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LocationDoha, Qatar
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Global security upgrade: Qatari office

We were appointed by a leading financial media agency to upgrade the security systems of their offices and data centres across the globe. This included the implementation of a uniform Automated Access Control system (AACS) across all their locations and additional security measures depending on each location’s individual needs.

For our client’s offices in Qatar, we upgraded both the hardware and the software of the current system; installed new encrypted card readers and controller panels; and upgrading the AACS software. 

Due to Qatari customs tax and visa restrictions, most of the equipment used in the upgrade needed to be sourced from local suppliers and installed by local vendors. Our extensive international experience meant that we were able to source certified local equipment and have it installed on time, despite potential complications the language barrier could cause.