70 Marks Lane

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70 Marks Lane

City of London, London

We designed the physical and technical security systems for this 177,000 sq.ft. building. Our systems included an integrated access control system, photo badging, IP CCTV and voice intercom systems. Complete assimilation throughout the building provided an exceptional overall security level.

During the initial design stages we clearly stated that the protruding columns on each façade corner would create perimeter blind spots. We worked closely with the product developers and design teams to individually position the external CCTV cameras so that they delivered the required perimeter coverage and were sympathetic to the architect’s designs. Our scope of works also included a traffic management system to control vehicle access into the underground car park.

The new parking facility will provide a single, secure shared parking area for both 70 Marks Lane and the existing adjoining building. Our brief was to devise a security solution to accommodate a single ‘entry’ and ‘exit’ lane to the car park that serves both buildings. Our final design focussed on monitoring and controlling the flow of traffic through the route and included a combination of strategically positioned dual-height photocells, vehicle safety loops and drivers’ card readers.