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Portfolio / Global pharmaceutical company – CCURE 9000 upgrades

Global pharmaceutical company – CCURE 9000 upgrades

Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, commissioned QCIC to undertake the upgrading of their Enterprise C.CURE 9000 access control platform as well at their Global VICTOR Video Management Server. The company’s security system consisted of 13 servers used to support their global offices and manufacturing plants.

Following an initial system assessment, QCIC made a series of recommendations to facilitate a smoother upgrade process. Due to the dated version of the system, upgrade would involve a multi-stage process, including the application of service packs and critical updates to all servers. This was delivered over a series of weekends, in order to minimise disruption to the business.

QCIC leveraged their “follow the sun” support model to conduct the upgrade. This involves having highly trained and experienced application engineers located throughout QCIC’s global offices, working as a team to complete a seamless handover of activities. Each group were able to work in their own time zone, handing over to the next team when they came online. QCIC’s US team began the process on the Friday evening, upgrading the primary server and validating the upgrade. The first satellite server was then upgraded and synchronised with the primary server. The US team then handed over to the Hong Kong Team to continue the process who in turn, handed over to the UK team to complete the first stage. The initial upgrade of 12 enterprise servers, took less than 20 hours.

The process was repeated over another weekend for the upgrade to the next version and the finally, the American Dynamics VICTOR server was upgraded on the final weekend. The system was completed and validated with all systems synchronising data effectively well ahead of schedule and with no downtime or disruption to their critical operations globally.

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