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Global financial services company

With our extensive experience in large scale system deployments, the QCIC team applied our global-focused approach to planning, testing and execution to the survey, design, programming, testing and commissioning of more than 30 UK and EU sites. This project involved a migration from various access control systems into C.CURE for our client, an international banking firm, which included support with multi-vendor coordination and project management. All of this was undertaken while remaining cognisant of continued operational security needs to minimise disruption and downtime,

QCIC’s Application Maintenance Services offer a proven and robust methodology for delivering upgrades and project deployments. Our approach includes accounting for pilot deployments, backward compatibility, regression planning and operational downtime.
The QCIC Global System Migrations offering, is a comprehensive turnkey service providing clients with seamless system migration with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations. This is achieved through accurate system-design data, coupled with team coordination and vendor management.

The System Migration process started with a detailed survey of each site prior to the upgrade. During the survey, we captured all necessary components required to design and plan the migration of the security systems. With this information, a comprehensive migration design pack was created, allowing all client facilities and IT pre-requisites to be planned and implemented ahead of execution. Additionally, vendor request for proposal (RFP) bid documentation was generated, allowing the client to easily manage the local vendor selection process for each site. All of this data was then collated in a programme that allows for coordinated planning and execution of system migrations at a global scale.

A QCIC consultant coordinated with local stakeholders before, during and after the system migrations, and managed the various vendors, ensuring that the system was installed to the agreed design, the client’s global standards and in alignment with the manufacturer’s guidelines. This promoted global standardisation and governance across the entire system.
The delivery of this service, available through Remote Maintenance or Embedded Teams, facilitates ongoing, regular system updates, ensuring that the customer’s security systems are always fully up to date and protected.

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Global financial services company






Leeds, England, United Kingdom



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Financial corporation

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Application engineering