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Portfolio / Global consulting firm – Global design, build, run roll-out

Global consulting firm – Global design, build, run roll-out

We were contracted to design, install and maintain a security architecture that would enhance the protection of this global consulting firm’s people, information, reputation and assets. Our team achieved this by deploying a cost-effective enterprise security system to reduce risks to our client, automate existing processes and allow for flexible innovation going forward.

QCIC’s System Evaluation tools allowed our Technical Consulting team to conduct a comprehensive audit to fully evaluate and document our client’s existing security solutions while identifying areas requiring improvement, vulnerabilities and justifications for replacement.

Following the evaluation, a comprehensive report is compiled that highlights areas of concern or where improvements could be made to the security system’s performance to streamline security operations.

Working with our client, a detailed brief of requirements and priorities was then developed. We provided comprehensive advice on all security issues, design, programming, testing and commissioning services, producing drawings and specifications for specialist security equipment.

Where system replacements were required, we assisted with product selection by developing a migration strategy to meet the client’s requirements.

QCIC’s Technical Project Managers’ in-depth understanding of the delivery process and focus on the technical detail accurately aligned deliverable tasks and project success, supporting our client during the programming, testing, commissioning and implementation of all new security designs.

QCIC provided complete security design and risk management services, and continues to supply Global System Administration Support via our strategically positioned global hubs and our 365/24/7 ”Follow the Sun” support model. Our clients’ end-users, operators, integrators and IT professionals, therefore, have continuous access to dedicated QCIC technical experts spread across the globe.

Reporting is a critical part of our service, enabling our client to have complete oversight of health, maintenance and support activities being conducted on their systems. This provides a governance layer that helps our clients maintain compliance with agreed design and installation standards across all regions with all system deployments.

Please feel free to contact us for further information about any of our products or services.

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Global consulting firm






Warsaw, Poland, Europe



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Global design, build & run roll-out, Technical systems advisory services