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Portfolio / Automated access control & CCTV design for a global consulting firm

Automated access control & CCTV design for a global consulting firm

QCIC was commissioned by our client, a global consulting firm, to design access control measures to meet the client’s automated access control design and monitoring standards.

After reviewing the existing drawings and gaining a thorough understanding of the operations of the business model occupying the space, we presented our recommendations. These were accepted and we proceeded to design the security access control and VSS around the client’s specific requirements.

Having produced a design pack consisting of a scoping document, bill of materials and drawings, the client was able to tender for the work. We supported this stage by reviewing the tender returns, ensuring that any substituted equipment was equal to or more than our recommended specification.

The next phase of the project required QCIC to configure and programme the system to the headend server, using predetermined naming conventions, events and permissions.

After the appointed local vendor completed the on-site installation, QCIC remotely tested and commissioned the access control and VSS with the vendor. We checked the cameras’ field of views and verified that NVRs were configured with the correct event, frames per second and retention periods. This ensured that when the site went live, all permitted personnel were able to access the client’s space with all access-controlled doors functioning.

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Global consulting firm






Centurion, Philippines, Asia



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Global consulting firm

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Automated access control system design, CCTV design