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QCIC strives for continuous improvement in the way it delivers its products, services, assets and solutions. The objective of this is to ensure that QCIC delivers consistently high performance in an efficient and continuously improving way so as to meet our client and stakeholder needs.

Our Quality Policy applies to all QCIC offices and global operations. 

We will ensure the delivery of its services through the following measures:

  • Ensuring that all our personnel and stakeholders are aware of the QCIC approach to Quality and Continuous Improvement 
  • Developing integrated systems and processes that facilitate the achievement of our objectives 
  • Putting in place metrics that allow us to understand and track how we are progressing against objectives
  • Implementing a suite of tools and techniques that empower our personnel to capture failures or errors, analyse them and learn from them 
  • Continually reviewing our approach to reducing potential wastage in QCIC processes, materials and resources
  • Providing an assurance regime that ensures we meet client and stakeholder needs
  • Undertake to maintain a workforce with the requisite skills and support to consistently deliver a high quality performance underpinned by a senior management fully committed to a culture of Quality Assurance

The Director and Strategic Advisors are responsible for reviewing this process to ensure that it is fit for purpose.